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FONDERCEM Co. ( Dor Afza Shimi Co. )

Fondercem Co. (Dor Afza Shimi Co.), a member of Novocem Group Holding, which has been in the business of foundry industry since 2011. Our company started its activity in the field of research and development, market studies, training and raising technical knowledge on various casting additives and also imports of foundry products.
Order placement

Order placement

After having received our customer's requirement, our highly-informed sales team will offer the right product based on their demands. They will be provided by sample to test and check the...

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CEOꞌs message

CEOꞌs message

Fondercem is proud to provide customers with high standards of engineering services as one of the producing companies in the field of supplying casting additives. The significant developments in the...

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Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

Fondercem Company has established the sales engineering department with the help of highly-qualified domestic and foreign experts in order to honor your trust. We stand with your engineering team to...

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Types of casting and insulating powder used in the Iran’s steel industry

Types of casting and insulating powder used in the Iran’s steel industry

All kinds of insulating and exothermic ready-made sleeves and feeders, coatings, binders and core crushers, degassers and melt modifiers, fluxes and slag removers, casting separation powder
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Company : Unit 3, Building 495, West Ferdows Blvd., Sattari Highway, Tehran, Iran
Factory : No. 367, Ave 6 , Mamounieh industrial Town, Saveh, Iran

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Phone : +9821 - 46096200 - 800
Whatsapp : +98912 - 0000000